10 Best Volunteer Programs Trips. Solo travel is swiftly becoming the new normal. With last minute travel so accessible and wellness trends encouraging quality time with yourself, thousands of people go on holiday with themselves every year!

10 Best Volunteer Programs Trips

From weekends away to six-month odysseys around the world, solo travel is a great way to disconnect from society, reconnect with yourself and connect on a deeper level with other cultures.

But who are these lone travelers? Are they men, women, young, old?

Solo travelers come in all shapes, sizes, and genders, however, there has been a palpable increase in the number of female solo travelers. In fact, Pinterest has noted a 350% rise in women pinning solo travel tips in the past three years!

Volunteer in India

Volunteer in India

Is solo female travel safe?

This is arguably the first question that enters the mind of a single woman traveling alone: is it safe?

While thousands of women travel independently and safely every year, unfortunately in some cultures female travelers can find themselves on the receiving end of unwanted attention.

But don’t let this stop you! If you’re holding back from adventure because you’re worried about the safety aspects of solo female trips, rest assured we have the answers below. By the end of this article, your concerns will be quashed and your bags will be packed!

volunteer nepal kathmandu

volunteer nepal kathmandu

Tips for solo female travelers

Generally, all it takes to stay safe in unfamiliar cultures is a little bit of research, trusting your instincts and ensuring you make personal security your number one priority.

And our top tip for first-time female travelers? Join group volunteer abroad programs! Here at A Broader View Volunteers, we provide a safe and secure environment where you can develop your skills, grow as a person and learn to trust your decisions.

Since A Broader View was founded eleven years ago, our safety score has stayed strong at 100%, something we are incredibly proud of and work hard to maintain. Plus, we send you off to a safe and friendly destination with some of the world’s most welcoming locals!

And the best part is, you won’t be alone for long! Within minutes of arriving at your destination, you’ll become part of a tight-knit team of like-minded volunteers from all over the world. So don’t worry about finding a travel companion from home – all you need is yourself!

Solo female travel destinations

Now that you’re feeling more confident, where are the best places to travel alone as a woman?

Volunteer in Chile

A long, thin strip of land stretching from parched deserts to huge glaciers, Chile is one of the safest and most diverse countries in Latin America. Join us in La Serena, Chile’s second oldest city which literally translates as calm and serene!

Surrounded by pretty plazas and tree-lined avenues, you can choose from our orphanage, elderly care center or teaching programs. Plus with accommodation available for up to ten volunteers, you’ll always have someone to practice your Spanish with!

Volunteering in Peru

With colonial architecture, wild llamas and colorful indigenous markets at 11,000 feet, Cusco is a traveler’s dream. High up in the clouds with Incan ruins and mouth-watering Peruvian delicacies, as far as solo travel ideas go, this is (literally ) up there with the best of them!

You can work in our wonderful orphanage or senior center, teach English or dedicate your time to children with special needs. Alternatively, join a local grassroots organization which offers care and temporary shelter to female victims of domestic abuse. We are fiercely proud of our women’s empowerment programs, particularly in Cusco which has one of the highest domestic violence rates in Peru.

Solo Female Travelers Overseas

Gap Year Guatemala

Our Central American destinations also offer you the chance to volunteer in women empowerment. Our women’s support program places you in a shelter that is home to 60 mothers, girls, and young children. Some are new mums, some have suffered sexual abuse and some are senior members of society who have been abandoned by their families.

If you’re talented in arts and crafts, music or sport, this could be the program for you, as you will be organizing and implementing your own activities on a self-supervised basis. It’s thoroughly rewarding work, and in your spare time, you can explore the rainforests, beaches, volcanoes, and lakes that beautiful Guatemala has to offer.

Volunteer Trips to Costa Rica

With two volunteer locations and accommodation available for up to 30 volunteers, there are plenty of chances to meet likeminded people in Costa Rica’s jungle paradise! From sea turtle and sloth conservation to daycare support and volunteering in a children’s museum, you’re spoilt for choice with our fantastic and varied selection of volunteer abroad programs.

Solo Female Volunteers for Nepal

Flying east to Asia now, our selection of female volunteer abroad programs in Nepal is almost as impressive as the country itself! With Buddhist monks cloaked in orange robes, ancient temples waiting to be explored and the Himalayan mountain range glittering on the horizon, this mystical and exotic land is brimming with meaningful volunteer programs.

Our women’s empowerment program promotes the importance of education amongst women of all ages and provides training to nurture skills such as tailoring, handicrafts, and sustainable farming techniques. You could also teach young monks and nuns, volunteer in an animal rescue center, help with community development…the list is endless!

Volunteer India

A firm favorite on the traveler trail and famous for its colors, diversity and tongue-tingling curries, India is a great choice for solo female travelers seeking community and women’s rights volunteer opportunities. Promote education and self-dependence in a patriarchal society, and have your say in the fight against gender inequality!

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit different, why not try our elephant conservation program or care for peacocks, cows, monkeys, and parrots at our animal rescue center?

Volunteer Mission Trips

Volunteer in Mongolia

Discover the true meaning of solo travel in remote and nomadic Mongolia! The vast, untouched landscapes are the perfect place to strike a balance between precious alone time and volunteering alongside likeminded people. We offer a choice of seven programs here, including an orphanage, medical, midwifery and child care opportunities.

Volunteer in Mongolia

Volunteer in Mongolia

Gap Year Uganda

A vast continent with much to offer, Africa is an excellent destination for solo travelers of all genders and ages. Better yet, incorporating volunteer opportunities with A Broader View into solo female trips to Africa can help cushion any culture shock and quash any safety concerns.

Why not join our unique solar volunteer program where you will deliver portable solar lights to communities in remote areas, or sign up for our orphanage, child care or community development programs?

Volunteering in Uganda Teaching

Volunteering in Uganda Teaching


Renowned for its friendly locals, Ghana welcomes volunteers with open arms and is an ideal destination for female volunteer trips! Dedicate your time to orphan school, medical or teaching missions and enjoy the country’s unique ecosystems, vibrant bazaars, coastal wetlands and botanical gardens in your spare time.

10 Best Volunteer Programs Trips

10 Best Volunteer Programs Trips


Calling all dancers and sportswomen! With dance projects and sports coaching programs on offer alongside HIV and malnutrition, medical and childcare options, our programs in beautiful Tanzania are designed to give solo female travelers the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the culture of this friendly country, famous for the jaw-dropping Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Volunteer Tanzania

Volunteer Tanzania

Now all you’ve got to worry about is money – right? Wrong! With fundraising options, installments and a selection of other payment options, we’ve made money matters as easy and accessible as possible. Plus, as a US nonprofit organization, our trips are also tax deductible and you can fundraise for all expenses!

With 245 programs in 25 destinations and numerous payment options to suit you, we work hard to make your dreams of volunteering abroad a reality!

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