A Broader View Volunteers Corp has been nominated for two Twitter Shorty Awards. The Shorty Awards, which was founded in 2008, are given to people who use social media to communicate various information and ideas. Several categories are listed to vote for and winners are chosen by, social media users. Any Twitter user can nominate another Twitter user.

Sarah and Oliver Ehlers, the Founders of A Broader View, are overjoyed with not one, but two nominations in the category of Green and LifeSaving Hero. “We are delighted and inspired by the reception we have received using social media to get our message out there,” said Oliver Ehlers. “We share this award nomination with our hard working staff and international volunteers who every day are making a world of difference.”

To read more about the Shorty Award: http://shortyawards.com/about  Winners will be announced live on Monday March 26, 2012.

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