A Broader View puts together an awesome presentation through their Youtube Channel. When you get to the page on the right hand side, you will see a series of videos that explain the various countries they service, along with the required credentials to travel to these countries. Each video goes into full detail about the culture, food, and language of the countries volunteers work in.

Go to their website and scroll through the list and see what awesome programs they have going on. Take a look at the one that interests you the most and inquire about it. A Broader View will be more than happy to have all the volunteers it can get for its organization.

Further down on the main page of Youtube there is a yellow button prompting you to subscribe to A Broader Views Channel page. If you are not a member of Youtube, you will have to become a member, which takes just a few minutes of your time.  Click on the link to subscribe and anytime A Broader View updates their videos with more information, you will receive an email.  At the bottom of this same page, there is a link to the company’s website, as well as, the capability to make a tax-free donation through Google Checkout.

Opposite of this page you will see a long list of compliments left by many subscribers who views A Broader View’s videos and website regularly. You will also see the profiles of members who actually belong to the A Broader View Community. In checking out their website, do not forget to leave a comment on YouTube, as well as, signing up as a subscriber.

When finished, checking out the videos and programs of A Broader View do not forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Flicker.  If you are a member of all three sites just add them as your friend and leave a comment on their wall. Also, do not forget to invite your friends to check them out as well.

The videos are descriptive, giving you all the details that you would need if you were a volunteer. Each slideshow emphasizes the food, use of a cell phone number, material you will receive from the organization, as well as, your coordinator. To allay your fears you also receive a phone number to call in the event of any emergencies.

A Broader View also stipulates that you respect their policies and rules and the respective countries they service. Follow these simple rules and volunteering for A Broader View will be the most pleasurable life experience.

The Organization also states that if you have any questions at all, you can easily access their information via their website and telephone number, chat service, toll free number. If you have any concerns, whether it is before you sign up or after, the support team is ready to provide answers. There is always a support system in place with A Broader View. Check out A Broader View’s Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and Flicker pages now and spread the word about this great organization.

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