We are frequently asked about age restrictions in our programs. Since our ABV programs are individually tailored, we welcome active middle age and retirees into our programs. We value your life experience and appreciate the skills and maturity that you can share with others.

Volunteering abroad can be immensely rewarding and beneficial in terms of broadening your global  horizons. To truly gain insight into a country you need to be 100% immersed. International volunteering is a great way to become a global citizen.

A Broader View offers year round placements from one week to 6 months in duration. Customized projects and in-country support staff located in 20 countries worldwide.

Many placements require no foreign language experience.

Interested in learning a foreign language consider a Language and Cultural Immersion program.

Volunteer Testimonial: Tim McKinney (Chicago, IL)

“Several months ago, I had not heard of Kpando, Ghana. In fact, I would have had to search furiously on a map if you asked me to point to Ghana. A few months later, I awoke to a new dawn in the Volta Region of Africa and wondered what a 65-year-old retired lawyer was going to be able to contribute to the lives of the inhabitants of Kpando…

…If you dream of volunteering, but are waiting for the perfect time, the opportunity may pass. There will never be a “perfect” time. If you wait too long, health and ambulatory issues may intervene to keep you from having a magnificent and even life-changing experience. Volunteer now and enrich your life and the lives of children who will fill your heart!”

To read more about Tim’s experience in Ghana, please see:
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