Peru is a Spanish speaking country, situated in the South American region. Other countries that share geographical location are Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Peru provides outstanding tourism and attractions, which keeps visitors coming back annually. Although this country offers beautiful scenery and spectacular landscapes, there is an aspect that needs development.

This country is now one of the more stable economies in South America. The country is still developing and due to its culture, people and political security and it is a good location for any volunteer who wants to make a difference in the animal world.

Special appeal is made for volunteers to help rescue the animals in Peru. Volunteering opportunities are available in many areas of this country. The volunteering program for animal rescue and welfare in Peru collaborates with an animal protection organization and veterinarians. A Broader View, the non-profit organization is the sole provider and has several other outreach programs available.

This organization works only with volunteers and relies on charity. A Broader View not only provides this type of program in Peru, but other third world countries. The organization is doing a great job by saving many helpless animals, which face the tragedy of human cruelty, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Animal rescue mission in Peru are ideal and reliable because they are flexible in length and date. A Broader View facilitates volunteers any time of the year. They encourage volunteers to take the option of a gap year, which gives quality time to service.

The organization provides meals and accommodations in a bungalow or host families. A perfect volunteer profile should include Spanish language, basic knowledge of the Spanish culture, a caring spirit and most importantly love for animals. The Project Coordinators will provide orientation, placement and introduction in a volunteer work project and are available 24/7 in case of emergency.

The organization needs volunteers who have the spirit to care for all life on earth. This non-profit organization provides several programs in various countries. Visit the site at for further information.