Best Gap Year Opportunities If you have ever dreamed about doing a gap year or wanted to live overseas, volunteering abroad with A Broader View is a great way to accomplish both.   Unlike a typical tourist, in a volunteer program like this you will have the opportunity to live, work and study side by side the locals.  Experience new cultures, learn a new language and gain valuable work experience in a field of your choosing.

Best Gap Year Opportunities

Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica –  Take part in a volunteer program which is dedicated to the conservation of sea turtles. Through training, education and advocacy work, volunteers help collect information about reproductive cycles, migration and birth and growth rates.  Programs available year round.  Communal group housing provided. Start and end in San Jose Costa Rica.  From 2 weeks – 12 week placement options.  *Great for school groups.

Language & Cultural Immersion in Chile –  There is no better way to learn a foreign language then to be 100% immersed.   Customized lesson plans, individualized learning and combined volunteer work make a Spanish Immersion program an incredible gap year experience.  Language instruction can be combined with teaching English is a local kindergarten, or volunteering with babies and infants in a nearby orphanage. Host family accommodations provided.  Programs available year round.  Start and end in La Serena Chine.  1 week – 8 week placement options available.

2-Best Gap Year Opportunities & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

Children’s Home in Belize –  This is a unique opportunity to live and work at a residential home for 45 children.  Our volunteer aim is to provide hands on help with the day-to-day operation of the orphanage so they can provide the children with good quality food, housing, education and health care.   Help with homework, work at the on-site preschool, organize sports and other activities with the kids.  Year round volunteer opportunities. On-site dorm style housing provided.  Start and end in Belize City.   1 week – 8 week placement options available. *Great for school groups.

 3-Best Gap Year Opportunities & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

Pre-medical programs in Nepal –  Interested in a career in medical? Volunteer work related directly to the future career field is essential for any graduate program applicant, but especially so for students entering medicine.   We welcome aspiring health professionals on our medical mission trips to gain valuable clinical experience.  Volunteer in a hospital, or birthing center, in a dental clinic, with children with special needs, or with the elderly.   Spend your summer in an enriching, informative, education experience. Year round volunteer opportunities.  Host family accommodations provided. Start and end in Kathmandu.  1 week – 20 week placement options available. *Great for school groups.

4-Best Gap Year Opportunities & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

 What our volunteers have to say:

Just wanted to say a formal thank you for an absolutely incredible four and a half months! Since last Fall, I have visited three countries and the Galapagos Islands, participated in six volunteer’s programs, and stayed with five unbelievable host families, and none of that would have been possible without A Broader View. I am a different person than when I began my gap year in September, so thank you for an experience that has changed me forever. I cannot say enough good things about A Broader ViewGrace Perry, Washington DC

I wanted to send you a quick note about my daughter Victoria’s volunteer experience in the Chile program.

Victoria told me that this has been a lifetime changing experience. That it elevated her morally and that she plans to continue volunteering during college.  I will be forever grateful for the experience my daughter had and I would love for you to count on us to participate more actively in your programLily Manzano, Mother of Victoria Manzano. Miami, FL

5-Best Gap Year Opportunities & High School Volunteer Abroad Programs

My trip to Belize was such an outstanding experience and it blew all possible expectations away. Being able to spend time with such wonderful children while being immersed into authentic (non-tourist) cultural experience was delightful. The weeks I spent at the orphanage has shaped my views. I have gained knowledge and insight while meeting new people and enjoying the beauty. – Juno Stilley. San Marino CA

The time in the sea turtle (Costa Rica) program was really amazing and the work done at the project benefits not only the turtles but the ABV volunteers and also the locals. Most every local that I talked to about the program was so thankful for our conservation work, and I think that is very important! – Maya Barnes. Prescott AZ

This volunteer trip is an unforgettable one!  I learned so much during my stay here in Nepal Kathmandu. While I volunteered at the hospital, I was very fortunate to have been able to observe 5 surgeries but also had the chance to interact with the wonderful doctors and nurses. I was also able to perform several ECG’s and sit in couple endoscopies. Nepalese people is fascinating and I personally feel that I have learned a lot grown as a person. I am so glad that I chose a broader view and Nepal as the country to volunteer at. – Lisa Duong. Monterey, CA