Officially known as the Republic of Ecuador, is a part of the South American sphere. Ecuador is in close proximity to Colombia located north, while, Peru on the east and south region. Spanish language dominates and hence volunteers of A Broader View must either have basic Spanish knowledge and be willing to adapt quickly.

In today’s time, the Republic of Ecuador is a rich tapestry of heritage and world culture, in terms of, their population. Densely populated and mixed with races and culture of many countries, this country was initially the epicenter of one of the most memorable and significant anti-racial movements.

As such, even before the pouring of other cultures into the country, Ecuador has a massive and wide presence of indigenous cultures, tribes and people. Although no official way of demarcating exists, there are several groups that identify themselves as the local population. Accordingly, these tribes can be classified into four major groups:

  • Achuar
  • Kichwa
  • Shuar
  • Zapara
  • Kichwa

This is a very broad classification and there are several other smaller groups that exist across the country. Each group has its own unique culture and beliefs. The social structure, hierarchy, traditions and culture is different and unique in each case.

These people will go an extra mile in ensuring that their traditions and their lands remain the same. Their economy sources and their accessibility are often abstract, as they prefer to stay within a localized and intimate community. Most of these tribes welcome visitors and treat them with great honor and respect.

In today’s times however, maintaining such a life, comes with innumerable challenges. The economy sources of these tribes are often highly dependent on folk arts and crafts, these tribes face near extinction because of adverse living conditions and no access to proper medical facilities.

Although there are several projects that are in progress for the help and betterment of the proud people, often these measures are inadequate and overwhelmed. A Broader View, the non-profit organization whose sole purpose is charity, is making a concentrated effort to fill that gap and provide a better life for these persons through their various programs.

You can volunteer through A Broader View and assist in land allotment, education, addressing environmental issues, teaching locals how to writing grant proposals. Through this Indigenous Community program, the non-profit organization aims at helping the communities maintain their culture and take great pride. The volunteers will also help them develop unique skills that help generate income.