Health Care Volunteer Opportunities:  Kathmandu, Nepal

Ask someone to describe Nepal and you may hear them say exotic, mystical or enchanting.  Ask a local Nepali about their health care options and you’d likely hear the words insufficient or non- existent.  Nepal is one of the least developed Asian countries, with millions living in poverty with limited access to suitable health care.


This is where A Broader View international volunteers make a huge impact.  In Kathmandu Nepal, nurses and aspiring health professional volunteers are placed to work side by side local doctors and nurses in community hospitals and clinics.  With international volunteer support, donations and medical supplies, more patients can be treated and more life-saving medical information can be shared.

Through a customized program, regardless of their medical skill level, every ABV volunteer can find a role and has the chance to learn about global health care volunteering.


Experienced nurses and doctors provide lifesaving support at our partner hospitals and work closely with a local medical mentor.  Volunteer support is focused in the hospital, community clinic and the outreach medical camps (during catastrophes like the 2015 earthquake) providing basic healthcare –  suturing, changing bandages, casting, minor surgeries as well as community health outreach project.

What our volunteers says: “My time at the hospital has been one of the most amazing experience of my life. I gained an emerge amount of experience and applied least 50 casts and 70 slabs to earthquake victims. Best of all I was able to observe a hemotriaplasty which was probably the highlight of my trip. – Yousef Hasanzadah



Are you considering a career in the health field?   Are you currently an undergraduate seeking experience?     The ABV program allows you to gain unique insight into a career in medicine, through a customized program including observation, mentoring and supervised hands on teaching.  Shadow the nurse staff and learn the true life of working in a hospital.  Expect to rotate and experience difference departments.  You can be in maternity one day, and observing in the ER the next.   This is a great way to learn about different departments, and gain perspective on global health practices.

What our volunteers says: “I am a pre- medical student from Mesa, AZ attending school in Missouri, I greatly enjoyed my time observing in the hospital, and it has spurred my interest in working internationally when I am a doctor. I graduate in one year and then hope to get my Master’s the doctorate in Medicine. This trip has taught me so much and definitely expanded my perspective” –  Alexis Bailey

Physical Assistant/ PA student internships

What a better to fulfill your medical internship requirement than volunteering abroad?  With the growing field of physician assistants, our health care volunteer program in Nepal Kathmandu lets you shadow real doctors, and gain first hand hospital experience in Kathmandu. Experience global medicine practices firsthand!    Internships are available from 1-week up to 5 months in length.

What our volunteers says:  “The ABV program has indeed given me a broader view of the world and of life. My 2 weeks living in Nepal, eating Nepali food and volunteering have opened my eyes to a whole new world. I can only hope I have made at least a fraction of the amount of impact the kids at the disabled care health center have made on my life, on their lives” – Irene Chou


Volunteers with professional training, or those aspiring in the dental field will be placed at a busy dental hospital.   Students will gain a firsthand look at what being a dentist is like.  Student will observe routine dental work, as well as tooth extractions, root canals and filings.


What our volunteers says: “The trip is very easy to organize, the staff in the USA are friendly and helpful with the planning of the trip.  It was refreshing to see all dentists I worked with seemed passionate and did the best they could with the resources they had.   – Xin Yan Lim

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