Volunteering in a foreign country is both exciting and nerve-racking. At A Broader View Volunteers, we specialize in assisting volunteers in locating the perfect gap year opportunity. Our wide selection of programs (245) includes volunteer opportunities abroad for college students who want to do more than travel, families, high school groups, couples and solo travelers.

Before you decide to volunteer through us, however, get to know us first. Here’s the basics of who we are, what we offer, and how you can benefit from our programs.

Who We Are

Put simply, we are a non-profit organization located in Pennsylvania, USA. Our love for humankind along with our passion for changing the world, motivates us to create a place where students can connect with international volunteer opportunities. We firmly believe that one person can make a difference in the world.

Our enthusiastic staff has over 30 years of experience with both the travel and hospitality industry, which translates into a seamless volunteer experience for you. Each of our programs is designed to help volunteers live, work, and aid local people in a variety of projects. Volunteers with us also have an opportunity to travel the world and experience things they never would have otherwise.

How We Help Volunteers

We provide a host of volunteer opportunities abroad for high school and college students. We partner with the best local charities in several countries (25) around the world. Volunteers are given the prospect to choose their own start date and sign up for one week up to 3 months of volunteer work.

We help volunteers by pointing the way towards at-need charities and aid in setting up their schedule. Depending on the program, your food and accommodations also included. We also provide airport pick-up, in-country volunteer support 24/7, and planning advice and tips to make sure your volunteer time is made as easy as possible.

social-pinterestCountries You Can Volunteer At

Now that you know how we help our volunteers, you may be curious about what countries you can volunteer at. Our list of countries includes, but is not limited to the following:

Locations Choose one or more of our worldwide locations and support the ongoing work of our grassroots partners.

Each of the countries come with their own unique volunteer opportunities. You may choose from a wide selection of programs. Find out more about our programs below.
Programs We Offer

We have over 24 distinct programs for you to choose from. Some of our more popular programs include our Orphanage program, Sea Turtle conservation, Premed Internships, Language Immersion, Youth Human Rights programs, Paramedical Rescue, Therapy and Rehabilitation projects, and Animal Rescue Center projects. Let’s look at these a bit closer.

Chile Orphanage Program


Chile has one of the highest rates of orphans in the world. Thanks to natural disasters and government/economic instability, the children of Chile are consistently left behind to fend for themselves. Many of the children suffer from physical or mental ailments. Our program connects you with orphanages in need of hands on assistance. Volunteering with them for your gap year opportunity allows you to help out the most vulnerable in the best possible way.

Youth Human Rights Program

Our Youth Human Rights program is located in Zambia and focuses on the challenges facing youth and young adults in Lusaka. As volunteer, you will work with children facing incarceration and an orphanage that needs your assistance.

Therapy and Rehabilitation Program

We have several programs that fall under therapy and rehabilitation work. Choose from disabled care, deaf and blind care, language therapy and occupational therapy. Programs are available in several countries


Animal Rescue Project

You can work in a rescue center or in a veterinary clinic helping animals at risk for euthanasia due to disabilities. Our animal programs are extremely rewarding.

Our  volunteer opportunities abroad for college students link you with the volunteer opportunity that most interests you. Your chance to improve the world is at your fingertips when choose A Broader View for your gap year opportunity.

Check our website for much more information https://www.abroaderview.org or chat online, call us toll free 866-423-3258 or 1-215-780-1845