Zambia has a human rights groups known as A Broader View, which stands out as not only advocates, but social supporters. This non-profit organization is a strong advocate for battered both physically and mentally, women and children. A Broader View is making a special appeal for volunteers to help keep this program alive and see human rights declared in this country.

Human rights violation dominates the country. Constant news of arrests with no specified reasons, unlawful and prolonged detentions, human trafficking, discrimination and violence on the basis of sex and class.

A Broader View, which is a charity organization, plays the role in several countries as provider, environmental contributor, and for Zambia an advocacy. The organization throughout the year sends humanitarian volunteers, who strive hard for the enforcement of human rights in Zambia. This ensures that the citizens of the country lead a normal life and the offenders who do not abide by the international conduct of human rights are penalized. This sets an exemplary situation for the betterment of the society.

In addition to their humanitarian concerns, the volunteers also use this opportunity to get a good experience of international human rights law. A Broader View especially welcomes students who partake in the field of law, and also developmental sciences, social studies and international relations. These volunteers by nature are remarkably brave, have the virtue of judiciousness and love for humanity as common quality.

The scope of work for the volunteers varies and depends on the challenge one is ready to take. The areas of work can be rural or urban. The basic requirement to accomplish the reign of human right in the disturbed regions is by spreading human rights awareness, amongst the unaware masses.

By educating the people about their basic human rights, the volunteers can establish triumph for justice and make people demand for what they deserve. There is also a chance to reveal the violators of human right and educate them about the fundamental rights of people and how their gesture is condescending to their fellow beings. Therefore, an intern can spread education in the society, which helps people recognize their fundamental rights and claim it.

Another important job for the volunteers is monitoring and inspecting the social conditions; in order to, make sure the situation and environment is conducive. Moreover, ensuring the people has proper access to their human rights. This brings about a general feeling of trust amongst people and with their faith restored, their fundamental rights can be reinstated, making the society a better place to live.

Overall, being a volunteer in Zambia needs a lot of courage with the hazardous situations prevailing in the country and that requires determination. Only the valiant who wish to bring about a change in the society should opt for it. However, a noble gesture of any exceptional work in the field is written in history with golden letters.