Kenya:   A good place to volunteer?

Our answer is yes!   With reports of gang violence in Lamu and the Somali border towns, many volunteers are asking about the safety factor of volunteering in Kenya.

Our volunteer projects in Kenya are located in Central Kenya, and the other in Mombasa have not seen any disruptions and in fact our programs remain open with volunteers.  Our professional coordinators assure us the areas where our volunteer programs are located are stable and even benefiting from the extra security which has been increased by the Kenya authority.

Obviously volunteers need to follow the guidelines and travel tips set by the ABV Directors, and use common sense to ensure a safe, rewarding experience.   Here is a blurb from our ABV Director in Makuyu Village “Over the past four years, I have closely worked with the management of A Broader View Volunteers to facilitate all the volunteer placements within my community of Makuyu.

Their services and credibility are top-notch, and we have been very pleased with the work they’ve done for us. They have not only provided us with the best volunteers in the world, but also financial and material support, as well as professional guidance in managing international volunteers. We work closely to provide excellent service to the volunteers that come to Kenya. I recommend them without hesitation and would like to continue working with them for a longer duration. Sincerely, Geoffrey “Volunteering at our orphanage project in Makuyu will give you the chance to experience true African village life.

Come and discover the road less traveled, off the beaten tourist track and spend quality time with happy, eager children who crave attention from our volunteers.  When your time is over, consider sponsoring one of the children and maintain your relationship for a lifetime!  Volunteers in Kenya can support a local orphanage, volunteer in a local hospital, or volunteer in a Kenya school.

To read more about this program please see: Volunteer in Makuyu Village, Kenya