Dear Oliver Ehlers,

At Microsoft, we believe technology can do amazing things. That’s why we partner with thousands of organizations like yours around the world to help each one achieve its mission. Through our Corporate Citizenship
efforts, we provide technology tools, training, and resources that can help create opportunities and transform communities. Congratulations on being part of our global community!

Microsoft is pleased to support A Broader View Volunteer Corp with a Microsoft software donation valued at US$2,107.00. This letter includes a list of the products you requested and the estimated market value of your donation. Please print copies of this letter for your license and tax records.

In addition to this donation, we also offer other resources, tips, and tools to help you work more efficiently and effectively to achieve your mission. You can find these resources at We have also created specific guidance on what to expect from a partnership with Microsoft at, including resources to help you communicate the benefits of our partnership and connect with other organizations.

If you want to learn more, have access to the latest news and resources,
and continue to inform our work, please join our online community.


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Use of the licenses in this donation is subject to an agreement between your organization and Microsoft. Within a few days, you will receive two additional emails with information about this agreement. You will receive an email from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) indicating that Microsoft has accepted the agreement. You will then receive an email from TechSoup with details about how to accept and activate your agreement and obtain your license keys.

Beyond donations to nonprofits, Microsoft also offers a discount program that allows nonprofit organizations to purchase Microsoft software and licenses at a substantially reduced cost. For information on this program, please visit Microsoft’s Charity Open License Web Site at

For more information about Microsoft, our citizenship efforts, and investments in communities around the world, please visit


Akhtar Badshah
Senior Director
Microsoft Community Affairs
Akhtar Badshah