Orphanage Volunteer project affords our volunteers a unique opportunity to support children of all ages and backgrounds. The role of our orphanage volunteer can be described as childcare provider, playmate, camp counselor, mentor, friend and teacher.  Whether you are teacher with the summer free, an experienced child care giver, a sports enthusiast or simply interested in giving back while traveling abroad, volunteering in an orphanage can be a life changing experience.

Most Highly Rated Orphanage Volunteer Programs

India Orphanage Volunteer

Volunteering India Orphanage

Volunteering India Orphanage









Thousands of children in India end up living on city streets struggling to find food or shelter. An uneven proportion of these children are female since India society still struggles with gender inequality and female-feticide.

In India our orphanage volunteer project are female dominated for this reason.  Volunteers help the children in different ways:  they became a teacher, a counsellor, a confidant to the girls they work with.  Volunteer in India and support the lives of children in need.

ABV alumni Jessica said, “Due to poverty levels and the overall need of most families, as a volunteer you never feel as though you’ve done enough. But that’s a very short-term way of thinking. Programs like ABV provide a platform for change and change is a long-term process that over time will create sustainability not just for the program but for the communities they help to enrich.

It’s with many hands and a lot of patience that you will be able to see what you’ve contributed and how you’ve made a difference.” Jessica, 34yrs, Atlanta GA.

Chile Orphanage Volunteer

Volunteer Chile Orphanage

Volunteer Chile Orphanage









In La Serena Chile volunteer work with babies and toddlers at a residential orphanage.  The home also offers nursery services to 25 children, some of which are orphans. One of the main characteristic of this project is the incorporation of the families and the community to the educational work. The parents of the children are so poor that they cannot afford to keep their children healthy or well fed.

The projects serve as a day care, kindergarten and support center. Volunteers assist the local staff with the basic needs such as feeding, bathing and clothing, putting them down for naps and changing diapers, playing with the babies and exercise.

ABV alumni Laura said ““This was the first time I ever tried a volunteer program. I didn’t really have expectations but it was more rewarding, enjoyable, and eye-opening than I could have ever imagined. At the orphanage I felt like I really helped and was appreciated.   I feel so grateful to have had this experience with ABV and I would definitely return as it truly did give me A Broader View of the world. 

I’ve traveled the world in the past year and this was my last stop. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience to end this extraordinary year of mine.” Laura, 46yrs, Santa Cruz, CA

Nepal Orphanage Volunteer









Support the orphan children of Nepal Kathmandu by volunteering your time at a local orphanage.  Our program helps a residential home to 15 children, mainly girls aged between 5 and 16 years old.  Volunteers will help getting the kids dressed, fed and ready for school.

In the afternoon support with homework, teaching English, as well as introducing recreational and extracurricular activities like dance and music. The children mainly crave individual attention and focus from the volunteers.

ABV alumni Aya said, “I would like to thank ABV for giving me this opportunity to explore myself and the world. I would thank my homestay host family for their generous hospitality and care. I sure send my best thanks to my family, friends and colleagues who supported me and encouraged me to go on this trip. Finally, I call all humans out there from different nationalities, you must visit Nepal, there are a lot of needs here. You can balance your life changing volunteering work with amazing unforgettable adventure.” Aya, 27yrs, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Belize Orphanage Volunteer









This is a unique opportunity to live and volunteer at a residential orphanage, home to 45 children ages 4-18 years old.   The children are provided a loving environment, a home, and care takers to guide and protect them.  Our orphanage volunteers are an extra pair of hands: working in the kitchen, laundry, gardens, the pre-school, and organizing after school play activities.

By living on site of the orphanage the volunteer takes meals and lives with the children.  The role of an ABV volunteer at a children’s home should be a mentor, friend, gardener, farmer, camp counselor and advocate all rolled into one.

ABV alumni Bianca said, “Volunteering here changed my entire outlook on children’s home. Each staff member here treats each child like their own and it’s truly heartwarming. After just six weeks I’ve fallen in love with these kids (in the home and preschool). The kids and staff open their home and heart to me and they will forever have a place in my heart. This experience has made me truly consider adoption in the future as well.” Bianca, 25yrs, Bedford, MA

Peru Orphanage Volunteer

Peru Cusco Orphanage Volunteer

Peru Cusco Orphanage Volunteer







Many travelers to Cusco give back to the community by volunteering with a local orphanage or day care center.   Our orphanage volunteers work with babies, pre-schoolers and with female teenagers in residential homes and care centers throughout Cusco.

Through years of contributions and support from ABV volunteers’ the orphanage centers provide a home, a refuge and safety for children of unfortunate situations and orphans.   Volunteer in Cusco and support the needs of Peruvian children.

ABV alumni Mark said, “I had a wonderful time working with ABV! Everything was well organized and I felt very welcomed. The ABV staff wants you to be comfortable and enjoy your time in Cusco. The kids at the school have lots of energy and affection to give.

The orphanage is very well run and the girls there are very positive and fun to talk to. If you want to be experience something different while serving others, this is definitely a good way to do so.” Mark, 22yrs, Toledo OH