One Nurse At A Time (ONAAT) is committed to lowering entry barriers for nurses interested in volunteer and humanitarian nursing. Whenever possible, ONAAT makes scholarship funds available to nurses to offset some trip costs. Scholarships of up to $1000.00 US Dollars per person per mission/trip may be awarded and are limited to one per nurse per calendar year.

All completed applications must be received NO LESS than two months prior to departure of mission and will be valid for one specific, stated mission only. If it is an urgent or emergent mission please email [email protected] and the board will determine if your application can be fast-tracked.

3 Nurse mission Nepal We will contact you once your application is received and again when a decision is reached. Please understand, our ability to offer assistance is based on the amount of funds available at any given time.

Eligibility criteria for participation in One Nurse At A Time’s Scholarship Program:

  1. Nurse with an active license (LPN, RN, ARNP).
  2. For tax purposes, all volunteers must be American taxpayers.
  3. The nurse must be volunteering his/her services without remuneration.
  4. The volunteer mission must be with a non-profit organization (A Broader View Volunteers is a 501 c(3) non profit) included in the One Nurse At A Time directory

4 Nursing students Honduras La Ceiba

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