There are many volunteers who work through A Broader View to help these little kids on street in distress. These are no less than angels in the modern world and the sufferers rescued and redeemed by them will testify for this.

Street children youth program is a part of A Broader View’s program and this not only includes Tanzania, but Chile, Peru, Vietnam, Philippines and many other countries. A Broader View strives to secure these kids with their right to attain the minimum. This may include a meal or a place to sleep and by this voluntary effort several children already benefit and succeed in bringing a smile on their faces.

The recent conditions in Tanzania speak loudly and unequivocally, in support of the Street Kids program. Also the team is appealing for more volunteers to join this worthy cause. Already many kids benefit from A Broader View’s program. These kids range from ages 5 to 14 years.

The project also cares about various issues, apart from providing food and lodging to children. The volunteers take care of adolescent, which includes creating awareness about fatal sexually transmitted diseases; such as, AIDS, enlightening and empowering about social conditions and most importantly educating the masses.

The most important question for an individual arises now. Why join such a program when one can opt for something else? One of the reasons that drive any individual into social service is the feeling of selflessness. Volunteers generally serve the needy in gratitude to the gifts and better ways of life awarded to him.

Most of the volunteers join this project for a limited number of weeks and then return to their respective lives handing over their noble work to their successors. When they return in any fields they change completely and are ready to take on the challenges of life. What?s more, the employers give special attention to these points in their CV and find them competent enough to take any challenge.

Thus, we see that voluntarism in a society like street kids in Tanzania, a great opportunity to groom one?s self and make ready for various challenges in life. Most importantly, this is an opportunity that helps to build the next generation.

The program lasts from 1 week to 8 weeks, but volunteers who want to invest more time can make arrangements with A Broader View. Each volunteer must have an open mind and a craving for adventure. The non-profit organization makes arrangement for meal and accommodation.

A Broader View provides this program throughout the entire year. This non-profit organization provides their service solely for charity and not for profit making. To see more information on the organization and their programs, visit

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