Why Volunteer in Guatemala?

Guatemala is a very beautiful country. It is in the central part of North America and this country has a Pacific coastline to the South West and a tiny part of the Caribbean coastline to the east. For those who love the nature, history, people and culture, this is a Read more…

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Why Volunteer in Chile, La Serena

Chile is a beautiful country.  Rich with long coastal regions, towering mountain landscapes, lush green valleys and the world’s most arid desert, there can be no disagreement, Chile is a beautiful country.  Add to this a robust economy with favorable tourist conditions such as direct bus routes, easy to navigate Read more…

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National Park Amazons, Peru

Located in the southeast area of Peru, is one of largest parks in South America. The area of the park encompasses parts of the Andean department of Cusco and the jungle department of Madre de Dios. It protects 2 million hectares (4.5 million acres) of a territory rich in flora Read more…

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