Volunteers in Peru

Peru is a country situated in the west of South America, which is a Latin dominated area. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and a couple of other countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Colombia. Spanish is the main language spoken in this country and most of the Read more…

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Amelia Eye Project in Cusco, Peru

Amelia, a recent A Broader View volunteer to Cusco Peru, was on a mission! After settling into the orphanage project, Amelia and Brittany, another A Broader View volunteer, noticed that many of the girls at the orphanage needed glasees – an expense that the orphanage could not afford. With the Read more…

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South American Airpass

With the summer season in South America quickly approaching we are seeing our volunteer requests to Peru, Ecuador and Chile begin to sky rocket! LAN airlines offers volunteers an economical way to visit multiple South American countries.  With the growing trend of volunteers opting to jump from one project to Read more…

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