Volunteer in Zambia

Zambia is a lovely country located in the southern part of Africa. The country is landlocked and bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana. The capital city of Zambia is Lusaka, which is a hub of activities since it is the political, economic and Read more…

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Volunteer in Africa: Consider Uganda!

Although not always the first choice on one’s list of tourist destinations, anyone who ever visited Uganda can vouch for its stunningly beautiful landscapes, surprisingly friendly and hospitable population. Moreover, the country provides a large variety of recreational activities open to tourists and natives alike. Located in central Africa, Uganda Read more…

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Benefits of Volunteering Abroad

How can you help yourself and others gain a broader perspective and gain valuable insight into other cultures? Volunteering abroad can be immensely beneficial in terms of broadening your horizons. Being exposed to different cultures and people from virtually every socio economic and ethnic background imaginable cannot help but introduce Read more…

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