Although not always the first choice on one’s list of tourist destinations, anyone who ever visited Uganda can vouch for its stunningly beautiful landscapes, surprisingly friendly and hospitable population. Moreover, the country provides a large variety of recreational activities open to tourists and natives alike.

Located in central Africa, Uganda is home to 27.6 million people and is also the origin of the great Nile River, which offers opportunities for white water rafting at its source. Among the many attractions that is a must see in Uganda are the Mountains of the Moon in Rwenzori National Park, known to the population as the Rwenzoris. That includes several snow-covered peaks, the highest of which is over 5000 meters. Another popular park in Uganda is the Bwindi National Park or Impenetrable Forest, where rare mountain gorillas can be observed in their scenic natural habitat.

Contributing to the country’s beauty is the great Ugandan weather, which varies greatly throughout the year, and should definitely be on your schedule when making travel arrangements. With its tropical climate and location south of the equator, Uganda reaches its hottest temperatures during the months of December through February, coinciding with its dry season running from December to January. Another dry season is from June to September and two wet seasons go from March through May and October through November.

With so many new and wonderful things to see, it is very compelling that this country should be on your agenda. In fact, volunteering leaves people with a sense of satisfaction that cannot be attained from working for a pay check. The feeling of helping others and needing nothing in return is a great feeling, and also one that helps build self-confidence.

Volunteering also brings people of different backgrounds and life situations together. Many volunteers return home knowing they have gained friends from different cities and countries all over the world and continue to keep in touch with their newfound friends for the rest of their lives.

Whether a volunteer is teaching another language, building homes, or helping animals, there is always something interesting to do when volunteering. Different skills of local customs and cultures are just a few of the many discoveries that volunteers can get in Uganda. In many cases, careers can be explored by volunteering in an area of interest, and skills that pertain directly to that area.

With the worldwide recession that is taking place and fewer jobs available, volunteer experience on a resume can make a huge impact on a prospective employer, and indeed, might be a deciding factor to hire. The mentors that volunteers meet on their journey can also make great references when applying to a job or college.

Uganda is an above average country that is waiting for discovery. The knowledge that volunteers gain from such a country is wonderful, moreover, with its unique locals, sights, and wildlife. A volunteer experience in Uganda cannot compare to anywhere else in the world. Allow for A Broader View to organize your travel to Uganda.