Tanzania is a tropical country located in East Africa and is neighbors with Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, and Malawi. Tanzania’s economy revolves mainly around agriculture. Other factors that contribute to the economy are natural gas and tourism.

Once children reach mid-teen years or even before, they stop attending school. A Broader View, the non-profit organization realizes that quality education lacks heavily in Tanzania and as a result, throughout the year sends volunteers to assist local Schools and Orphanages.

The few experiences you see in life cannot compare to the opportunity in partaking in vocational training in Tanzania. This type of program provides a multitude of benefits to both volunteers and people participating in the program. The goal of the program is to teach the people of Tanzania especially children, a variety of skills that can turn into a way of improving their lives.

Volunteers provide a wide range of vocational training in Tanzania. Even though it may be one person in a household who receives the vocational training, it results in the worker’s entire family. While the volunteers impart their knowledge, they can also learn a great deal from the experience. For example, when the girls of one village can learn to do some basic needlework, they are able to collectively sell their handmade products to tourists and earn some money. With the influx of extra money in the village, quality of life in the village as a whole will improve.

In another village, young boys may learn how to farm in a more efficient way. This allows for an increase in the amount of food, which eventually becomes available within the community. One on-going project works in two ways. Volunteer instructors teach carpenters to build ergonomic benches for village weavers to use. Then the weavers receive training to use these benches properly. The benches help weavers to work more efficiently, which increases their production; as well as, the overall quality of their textiles.

Elsewhere, volunteers train young persons in producing native art and handicrafts that is marketable outside the country. Fair trade organizations provide a market place for imported products, thus workers guarantee a fair amount of money for their work.

Other young girls can learn about basic nutrition; as well as, the safe handling of food. As a result they will learn how to cook more diverse meals using a wider variety of local vegetables and grains. The result may be a healthier population with fewer medical issues resulting from a diet lacking in nutrients.

As a volunteer, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are impacting someone else’s life, who is in a less fortunate situation. Volunteers find the experience extremely enriching that they often return. Join a team of volunteers whose number one goal is providing outstanding vocational training in Tanzania.