Volunteer in Belize, A typical work day goes like this. We wake up at around seven, have breakfast, walk the kids to school and then do various things around the orphanage, whether that’s painting, mopping, sweeping, helping cook the food, just whatever the place needs .

Volunteer in Belize: Work with children at an ethically run orphanage

Whether you’re looking to enhance your knowledge of childcare, brighten the lives of disadvantaged children or simply contribute your time to a greater cause, volunteering in our orphanage in Belize is a great way to spend a gap year or vacation.

Come and volunteer in our lively facility near Belize City, where the children and staff will welcome you with open arms. There are currently 44 children residing at the orphanage, who range between four and seventeen years of age.

Volunteer in Belize

Volunteer in Belize

Not all of the children staying at the orphanage may be orphans in the traditional sense – some might still have one or both of their parents, but due to mental, physical or financial complications, are unable to take care of them.

This could be a temporary or permanent situation, which means that on occasion children will return to their parents once they are better equipped to look after them. Some of the children reside at the orphanage simply because it provides a safer or better environment than staying at home with their family.

Step 1: What will you be doing?

Our dedicated volunteers support orphanage staff, contribute towards the running of the orphanage and spend time with the children. You will become familiar with the daily routine, help out wherever possible and get involved with activities and recreation.

During the school term, volunteers help out at breakfast time and escort the children to school. There is also a Daycare / Headstart project in the pre-school which you are welcome to get involved with, assisting with baby and toddler care and entertaining them via an assortment of activities.

Volunteering tasks pertaining to daily upkeep of the facilities at this center could include cooking, laundry, cleaning, farming, gardening and animal care. After school activities involve helping the children with reading, homework and arts and crafts.



However, at the end of the day, the best thing you could possibly do when volunteering in Belize at this inspirational orphanage, is to simply be present and available to the children as much as possible.

Belize orphanage program reviews

Marisa Napoli from Dayton, OH, USA said of the volunteer program: “Everyone here is so kind and accommodating, and have made sure I’ve felt comfortable throughout my stay.

“A typical work day goes like this. We wake up at around seven, have breakfast, walk the kids to school and then do various things around the orphanage, whether that’s painting, mopping, sweeping, helping cook the food, just whatever the place needs.

“I would definitely recommend this program to other volunteers and would be happy to talk to them about it. If you’re booked onto the program, I would say bring games, teach the children to play different games, and bring bracelets!

“The most challenging thing about this program will definitely be leaving.”

You will assume multiple roles as a volunteer at our orphanage, becoming a friend, mentor, gardener, cleaner, counselor and advocate all rolled into one – although often your greatest gift will simply be your presence, and your willingness to interact with the children.

This is a lively, busy facility which means you should be an upbeat, optimistic individual with a can-do attitude in order to thrive, make the biggest positive impact possible and make a real difference during your stay.

Two of our orphanage volunteers – whose video interviews are available to watch here – agreed on the most surprising aspect of volunteering in our Belize facility.



Darlee Smith, a retired teacher from Northern California said: “I think the resilience of the children is what surprised me the most. Considering that a lot of them have been through some really rough things, yet they seem so happy…that’s been a real joy to see.

Marisa agreed: “The most surprising thing about volunteering in Belize is the strength of these kids and teens and how they don’t let their backgrounds define them.”

Step 2: What you need to know?

Your accommodation will be on-site shared volunteer quarters, in a gated and very secure orphanage two miles outside of Belize City. You will stay in a cabana for twelve volunteers and share a room with one other like-minded volunteer. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided daily.

You can choose to help out from one to eight weeks, and will be giving up your time five days per week for six or seven hours a day. Please bear in mind that the heat can pose a challenge. You will be working and playing with the children outside and will be exposed to the strong sun and high humidity on a daily basis.

The village where you will be based is a tight knit community where locals are welcoming, generous and easygoing. There are a number of small shops and eateries in close proximity, and local transport links mean you can easily catch a bus to downtown Belize City.

If you plan to travel solo, you must be seventeen years of age or older. We will also need to conduct a police check/clearance report, and we highly recommend that you’re up to date with your routine Hep-A and Typhoid vaccinations.

Step 3: Boost your resume

The wonderful thing about our volunteer programs is that they are win-win. Not only do they give you the opportunity to give back to an impoverished community, but they also provide a unique chance to boost your resume.

If you’re planning on taking a gap year Belize is a great place to enhance your professional and transferable skill sets, and ensure your applications to internships and jobs really stand out.

Gap Year Belize

Gap Year Belize

Whether you’re interested in working in elementary schools, pediatrics, social work or day care centers in the future, volunteering in an orphanage gives you hands-on experience in the field and exposes you to a range of unique problems, backgrounds and behaviors among disadvantaged children of varying ages. This is invaluable experience, particularly if you are working towards a degree in child development, education, public health or behavior modification.

Step 4: Why Volunteer in Belize?

If you would like to volunteer Belize is a wonderful and welcoming place ideal for both seasoned and first-time volunteers. It is a stable, democratic country located on Central America’s beautiful east coast, with a great climate and some of the world’s friendliest locals.

Nestled between Mexico, Guatemala and the warm Caribbean Sea, Belize is culturally unique among the Central American nations. The only country in Central America with a British colonial heritage, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the constitutional Head of State and the official language is English – although Spanish and the Creole dialect are also widely spoken.



In addition to its fascinating history and heritage, Belize is also stunningly beautiful. Over half of the country is covered by tropical rainforest, while offshore it is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world. The impressive reef is speckled with around 200 low lying islands called cayes, which hosts rich marine life and is a haven for snorkelers and divers. But Belize doesn’t stop at dense jungle and eye-opening biodiversity – it’s also famous for ancient Mayan ruins.

If you’re ready to volunteer Central America orphanage and community development programs with A Broader View are a fantastic way to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Take on meaningful and rewarding community service work, live amongst the locals and discover the treasures that one of the most spectacular parts of the world has to offer. Volunteer with us and gain A Broader View of the World.

Step 5: How to Apply:

1: Chat with our representatives: Call, Chat online or email us before applying if you have any questions

2: Tell us about yourself: Complete a Registration Form. Resume and short questionnaire

3: Pay your Program Deposit US$120: In 7 days from applying to confirm placement (it’s part of the overall cost, not extra)

4: ABV Account Support: Download Guides, upload paperwork, read alumni reviews, useful links, emergency phone number

5: Pay due balance 45 days prior traveling : You can use PayPal, Credit Card, Bank-wire

6: Get ready to Volunteer Abroad: You will get a Summary with all the program information

Registration: https://volunteers.abroaderview.org/volunteer-apply

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