Volunteer vacations are an alternative way to see the world, and a rewarding experience for you and the community that benefits from your skills and experience. Our volunteer trips are open to everyone including families, seniors, and solo travelers, and there are 245 programs in 25 destinations across South America, Central America, Africa and Asia to choose from!

Volunteer Vacations Abroad

Have you ever wondered how you can add real purpose to your travels? Climbing mountains, practicing wildlife photography, starting a travel blog – there are plenty of ways to add meaning to your time overseas. But have you considered working towards your personal goals while helping impoverished communities?

Volunteer vacations are an alternative way to see the world, and a rewarding experience for you and the community that benefits from your skills and experience. Our volunteer trips are open to everyone including families, seniors, and solo travelers, and there are 245 programs in 25 destinations across South America, Central America, Africa and Asia to choose from!

Volunteer Vacations

Volunteer Vacations

Here at A Broader View, we understand the importance of matching your personal circumstances, such as age and who you’re traveling with, to your volunteer experience. So cast your eyes below and we’ll help you find your perfect match!

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  1. I’m an adult solo traveler seeking volunteer vacation opportunities

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  3. I’m an older volunteer who wants to make a difference

Volunteer Vacations For Adults

Holidaying on your own? Alone doesn’t have to mean lonely: in fact, traveling solo can be an amazing experience! You play by your own rules, go wherever you like, do whatever you want…some might call it total freedom.

However, over time (or if you’re naturally a social butterfly) solo travel can become a lonely business, and you might find yourself craving company. Whether you’re planning a two-week break or you’ve just spent six weeks in silence at a meditation retreat, our volunteer abroad programs are a great way to enjoy the company of like-minded people from all over the world.

Trip abroad Peru Cusco

A trip abroad Peru Cusco

By sharing your volunteer experience with others, you’ll also avoid the dreaded single supplement. In an industry where everything is designed for two (bedrooms, activities and even dishes on some menus!), solo travel can present financial difficulties.

When you volunteer with A Broader View, you’ll be housed in secure and practical shared accommodation with other volunteers, so you can wave goodbye to that single supplement. You’ll also find you make friends very quickly – a surefire way to beat those solo travel blues!

Best volunteer trips for solo travelers

Volunteer Honduras – With housing available for up to 30 volunteers, make friends for life while dedicating your time to our healthcare, teaching, HIV awareness, orphanage and elderly care programs. In your space-time, explore the rainforest, cloud forest and ancient Mayan ruins with your newfound travel pals!

Volunteer Belize– Brighten the lives of disadvantaged children at our dedicated orphanage and take advantage of the offshore reefs, dense jungle and fantastic snorkeling in this English-speaking coastal paradise.

Volunteer Chile– Spend your time teaching or helping at an orphanage or elderly day care center in this spectacularly diverse part of the world, which is home to parched dunes, huge glaciers, ancient forests and awe-inspiring mountains. Housing is available for up to ten volunteers, so you’ll always have a friend to practice your Spanish with!

Volunteer in Mongolia– Part of the appeal of traveling solo is to enjoy some quality time with yourself, and Mongolia’s vast, untouched landscapes and nomadic culture is the perfect place to do this. Strike a balance between valuable alone time and working alongside like-minded people with our choice of seven volunteer programs.

Gap Year Uganda– Join our unique solar volunteer program in this landlocked East African country, where you will deliver portable solar lights to communities in remote areas where conventional hydro-electric power sources are inaccessible.

Family Volunteer Trips

They say that travel is not so much about where you go, but who you travel with – which is why the best volunteer vacations abroad can be with family! Volunteering overseas is a wonderful way to spend quality time together and enjoy a special bonding experience out of your comfort zone and away from laptops, smartphones, and iPads.

Gap Year Belize

Gap Year Belize

 Travel is hugely beneficial to young children: it brings history and geography to life, introduces them to new things, improves their social skills and provides a fantastic learning experience. As Benjamin Franklin once said: “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn”.Volunteer vacations are also suitable for teenagers and high school students who may be thinking about internships, college applications and how to make their resume stand out.

If your family group consists of five or more members, we can even arrange customized programs tailored to your particular interests and requirements!

Best volunteer trips for families

Ecuador and Galápagos Islands– For a truly unique volunteer opportunity abroad, the Galápagos Islands offer an incredible array of wildlife and diverse landscapes that will fascinate the whole family. Alternatively, help your children appreciate their privileged background by volunteering at the Street Kids Day Care Center in Quito, Ecuador.

Costa Rica– With English widely spoken throughout this jungle paradise and plenty of outdoor activities to keep everyone busy in their spare time, there’s no better place to bond as a family. From zip lining through the canopy to nature hikes and active volcanoes, even the most restless child will not get bored! We highly recommend volunteering with sloths or sea turtles.

Costa Rica Family Conservation Programs

Costa Rica Family Conservation Programs

India– Volunteering in animal rescue centers is a rewarding experience for both children and adults. Younger children, in particular, will be thrilled to get up close to the world’s weird and wonderful creatures! Why not try our elephant sanctuary in India or our animal welfare center which cares for monkeys, birds, cats, dogs, and cows?

Tanzania– With dance projects and sports coaching programs on offer alongside HIV and malnutrition, medical and childcare opportunities, teens and families can fully immerse themselves in the culture of this special country, a favorite with many volunteers and famous for the astonishing Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Zambia– Our youth advocacy volunteer program gives teenagers an important volunteer opportunity abroad: the chance to help people their own age. Working with a grassroots organization established for disadvantaged youths who come into conflict with the law, this is an exclusive opportunity to gain an insight into the challenges facing young adults in Zambia.

Volunteer Vacations For Seniors

Seniors may still be the mainstay of the cruise market, but there is also evidence that senior citizens are becoming more adventurous with their travel, increasingly opting for long-haul destinations and seeking alternatives to conventional vacations, like volunteer abroad programs.

In addition to the health benefits that travel can bring (many people report feeling invigorated for weeks after a vacation) the experience, knowledge, and patience that have developed with age will stand you in excellent stead for volunteer trips overseas.

You could even sign up for language immersion courses in conjunction with our programs! This not only helps the volunteering process run smoothly but studies have also shown that language learning helps with memory and brain training.

Volunteer Trips for Seniors

Volunteer Trips for Seniors

Best volunteer trips for seniors

Volunteer Trip Guatemala– With medical, teaching, orphanage, deaf/blind support and animal rescue programs on offer, volunteering in Guatemala gives you the chance to immerse yourself in traditional Mayan culture while helping the communities that need it most.

Gap Year Peru– Volunteer in a healthcare, childcare, special needs or even a senior center in beautiful Peru. You will be based in Cusco, a vibrant city 3,400 meters above sea level best known for its Spanish colonial architecture and ancient remains.

Volunteer Nepal– With programs focusing mainly on social welfare, you can volunteer with HIV patients, in a children and women’s hospital or even teach English to young monks and nuns. Nepal also remains in need of major reconstruction work after the 2015 earthquake, which our community development program aims to tackle.

Volunteering in Ghana– Choose from healthcare, orphanage and teaching missions! Click here to watch an interview with one of our senior volunteers who dedicated her vacation time to our wonderful orphanage. The people of Ghana are renowned for their friendliness, while the West African country itself is known for its unique ecosystems, vibrant bazaars, coastal wetlands and botanical gardens.

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