Taking a decision to volunteer in Uganda (Africa) is an important decision and could be one of the best exciting and inspiring experiences of your life.

We would like to invite you to volunteer with our infant organization, registered and operating in Mukono District which is only 30km from Kampala City center, and a three hours drive from Entebbe International Airport. This program works with vulnerable children and youth providing education and health services; while providing community services to especially mothers/guardians responsible for taking care of the children at home.

Our project area has a population of over 5000 Children and Youth who are largely vulnerable, destitute and socially underprivileged. Most of them lost their parents to AIDS and other diseases. Families in these communities, some of them child-headed, live below the poverty line. Only a few children can access Education and Health facilities. Majority are malnourished; often suffering from Tape worms + Malaria, with many sleeping on dirty floors and brave the mosquitoes and other parasites like fleas and jiggers. Children do household chores including gardening, fetching firewood and care for their siblings.

Here we strive to address these problems through provision of education, health services, awareness campaigns in communities, as well as introducing development projects, for well-being of these young people. Working side-by-side with the locals of the community, volunteers make meaningful contribution towards the goals of the community project where they share their skills and talent with young people of the community; while gaining an in-depth experience of our community warm welcome and its culture we trust stay with them for most of their lives. As a volunteer, you will be experiencing another culture like never before and get to know and interact with the community people. Accommodations are available in host families and rentals depending on individual/group choice.

You will have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities with young people like teaching English / Math, health matters, provide care to the elderly and do communal work with community members. While doing all that, will make sure that you have fun and the opportunities to see more of Uganda. Mukono District itself is blessed with a favorable climate, abundant rainfall, rich flora/fauna and proximity to urban areas. There is Mabira Forest, a moist semi-deciduous forest famous for walking and cycling trails. The forest is a home to over 100 species of large moths, butterfly fauna, 300 species of birds e.g. Blue-swallow, the purple throated cuckoo etc. Picnic facilities are also available, the shopping center, Banks (ATMs), Post office, Hotels and many interesting places which makes it a favorite place among visitors.

We are along the way to the famous “Source of the Nile” in Jinja which is just 30min away from the project.

The project will provide an unforgettable eye opening experience for a gap year, vacation, spring break or career break for groups and individual travelers.

A home away from home!

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