Nepal is a kaleidoscope of wonder. You will see architecture, religion, adventure, culture and heritage all in one place. Sitting in the heart of the Himalayas which houses the world’s tallest peaks, the kingdom of Nepal will leave you bewitched by its beauty. Many sites astonish thousands of tourists every year, making the kingdom as one of the destinations that you should note in your travel list.

Volunteering in Nepal: Making the most of your travel experience

However, there is a greater reason why you should visit Nepal. Behind its bewildering beauty lie realities that will surely touch your heart. If you will go deeper, you can see that the country needs the help of many to alleviate their situation, especially in education, medical assistance, environmental awareness and financial aid. Thus, the home of the Mt. Everest is in need of motivated and determined people to be of help for those locals who hunger for food, education, green environment and health.

There are many volunteering opportunities in Nepal. Every year, environmentally destructive activities dramatically increase, due to the high demands of tourism in country especially in the mountain regions. Manifested in the base camps of the Everest, these activities are a problem to the locals of Nepal. Thus, the country needs more volunteers to help support its campaign against these activities.

This might be the volunteering opportunity that can satisfy your need to participate in an activity for a good cause and at the same time enjoy an experience beyond compare. A Broader View aims to promote environmental education, which is one of the leading non-profit organizations in Wyncote, Pennsylvania.

volunteer in nepal

If you have a special skill in education, empower the locals through teaching certain subjects. Disadvantaged villages and towns do not have the facilities to promote an environment for learning. English will be of great help to them. The language will help them earn a decent living by acting as tour guides to tourists or applying to greater employment opportunities. Volunteering as a teacher may also include teaching the locals healthcare, management skills, vocational skills and environmental education.

Many other volunteer jobs are open for everybody. Building classrooms, assisting in feeding programs and helping the disabled to earn a decent living, are a few ways you be of great assistance to the Nepalese. All you have to do is lend a helping hand to make a real difference.

After all the hard work of volunteering, reward yourself with visits to Nepal’s beautiful spots. The magnificent temple of Lord Pashupatinath is a major highlight. Known as the holiest Hindu temple, the building stands as the symbol of faith and tradition since 400 AD. UNESCO World heritage sites list the temple proudly, along with Royal Chitwan National Park, Changu Narayan Temple, Durbar Square and The Golden Gate. Even sitting in your balcony, sipping a cup of tea, while viewing the world’s tallest land forms are equally refreshing. If you insist to get a good travel while serving others, Nepal is the place to visit.