Volunteering is an act of helping a certain group of persons or individual in unfortunate situation. A Broader View, a non-profit organization that believes solely in charity is an example of volunteerism. They make accommodations for travelers to several countries in need of support. Volunteering is always essential and the organization encourages travelers to partake in such worthy causes.

Volunteering has several benefits; that is, not only does it help other persons in need, but it benefits the volunteer, by developing new skills and meeting diverse ranges of people, which are usually outside of the usual norms. It is a perfect tool to discover something about oneself by experiencing life beyond your comfort zone.
The act of volunteerism is willingly contributing a particular skill that will benefit another person. It can also help in boosting one’s self confidence and sense of fulfillment. Volunteering gives you a different perspective of life and strengthens your personal or even professional vision, when you explore your horizons.

One of the countries that encourage and welcome volunteerism is the Philippines. This country is situated in the Southeast Asia. It is the second largest archipelago in the world and comprises of 7,101 islands. The Philippines is categorized in three geographical divisions; Luzon, where Manila the capital city is located, Visayas and Mindanao. The Philippines is a tropical country which compromises of three season; summer during March to May, Rainy season from June to November and Cool dry season from December to February. It is a country where English is mostly spoken and well known for its hospitality.

The Philippines is one of the countries that A Broader View recommends for traveling, all through the year. The Philippines is a beautiful country with so much diversity to offer. Due to its location the island offers breathtaking views and beautiful beaches that are incomparable to other destination in the world. From north to south the country has many things to offer for its visitors, especially wondrous scenic views which astound both young and old.

It is an island where almost everyone knows how to speak English and is recognized for their hospitality. The island offers a wonderful experience, regardless of travel intentions. Whether it be business, relaxation or adventure.

It offers fantastic landscapes and beaches that appeal to several visitors. One of the famous places in the Philippines is Boracay, which is situated in the island of Aklan. Another is Palawan, which was named one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2011 and infamous for its underground river, which boasts of beautiful stalagmites formation and beaches. Bohol is where the majestic Cholocate hills are located and Benguet is where you will find the Rice Terraces. These are only a few of the places that you can find very appealing in the Philippines.
Volunteering in the Philippines is an experience of a lifetime. It may help other locals living there and at the same time, make you a better person. Allow for A Broader View to arrange your travel; whether a gap year or for a shorter period of time.