Vietnam is a wondrous country of contrasts, color and history. Although remembered for the lengthy war that occurred there, this country is being rediscovered by travelers looking for beauty and uniqueness. From the pristine beaches stretching along the coast to the rugged, mountainous regions, travelers are continually amazed by the natural beauty found here. The capital of Hanoi retains much of its French colonial influence, yet is distinctly Vietnamese. Here, a horde of motorbikes fill the bustling streets, and the industrious nature of the country is clearly apparent.

While you are in Vietnam, be sure to take a cruise down the world famous Mekong Delta. During festival times candles are set adrift down the river, making for a spectacular evening scene. Those volunteering in Ho Chi Minh City simply cannot miss this area of the country. While in the city, visitors find many sites explaining the history of this reunified country. Visit the Reunification Palace and the Museum of Vietnamese History for a glimpse of how the war and its outcome affected the country. As found throughout the country, beautiful temples provide further examples of the richness of Vietnam’s past.

Many of the volunteering opportunities in Vietnam are based in Hanoi, a bustling city in the far north of the country. On their days off, volunteers working there can spend time at the beautiful Halong Bay beach, explore this fascinating city, or hike in Ba Vi National Park. An additional city where many volunteering opportunities exist is Ho Chi Minh City, previously known as Saigon. One of the highlights of volunteering in such an interesting country is combining the service you provide to deeply grateful recipients, with enriching travel opportunities. Before, during and after your volunteer commitment, you can travel through Vietnam or experience the wonders of the nearby countries of Laos, Cambodia or Thailand.

A wide range of volunteering activities throughout Vietnam requires vastly different backgrounds and skills. There is so much work to do that almost everyone can find a position where they are needed. From orphanages that serve disabled children to working on building projects. The skills range from medical professionals to engineers and especially for those who are simply native English speakers.

Deep poverty grips much of the country, and A Broader View use volunteers from around the globe to address these issues. Teaching English or working as a native speaking aid in English classes is one of the most enriching jobs for both volunteers and locals. The people of Vietnam view acquiring English as a means of escaping the poverty they have been trapped in for many years. Volunteers may work in primary schools all the way to college classes, in order to, help with pronunciation and conversational skills.

Rewarding work and caring for the many orphans are available in several cities. Due to the levels of poverty, many families simply cannot afford to care of their children who may end up homeless in the streets. People with professional backgrounds; as well as, those with caring hearts are desperately needed to share their time, skills and love. Volunteering in Vietnam may well be one of the most rewarding and memorable events of your life.