Welcome to ABV Vietnam, and welcome from our many wonderful children that form our programs from Ho Chi Minh City in the south, to Hanoi in the north, and even further northward to the beautiful landscape and the amazing mountainous country that is Sapa.

ABV has a wide variety of programs in Vietnam from Orphanages, Street Children’s School, Centre for Autistic children, and the Cultural Learning Centre in Sapa. All of the programs are breeding grounds for the giving and receiving of love, education, and understanding.

Our program staff are led by Terry an expat from Australia who has been volunteering in Vietnam for over 2 years and our coordinators in Ho Chi Minh City, Thu and Thuong, and in Hanoi, Hanh and Thuy. Together they have many years of experience in volunteering at a local level and working with foreigners to ensure each volunteer has a unique and memorable experience. You will be given a comprehensive orientation that will help you adjust to your new environment and to gain an understanding of the local cultures and customs from people who really know, and because we have welcomed so many volunteers from all over the world your culture is understood and acknowledged. Immersing the two cultures as one is what our staff excel at.

We feel blessed to be given an opportunity to help you guys and to work with the beautiful but also severely disadvantaged children of this country. They bring to us all an understanding that life’s little difficulties that we call problems, are nothing when compared to the life they live, always with a smile and a willingness to include you in that. You will receive a solid grounding in life, a lesson not to be forgotten.

You will also be accompanied at the programs by our national volunteers, young university students who give of their time to help our international volunteers and also give back to their own people.

Vietnam is a unique country with many sights to be seen during or after your volunteering experience. Because of our wide network of volunteers and friends across Vietnam if you intend to holiday we can usually arrange for you to be met in most major cities by one or more of our group who will happily show you around your new surrounding and we will also provide advice on accommodation and travel.

Our volunteers in the south will usually travel to Can Tho in the south or Vung Tau and Phan Tiet on the coast for a weekend break. In the north they will go to the magnificent Halong Bay or grab an extra couple of days and visit the already described wonders of Sapa.

The people of Vietnam are a genuine and gentle race of people and will open their arms to you, no matter where you travel. You will hopefully come to Vietnam with an open mind and heart and leave with contentment and a new love in your heart for this country, its people, children, and culture.

We invite you to join us and to experience a yet realized memory that will live with you forever.