Cameroon is a central African country divided into 10 regions. It is bordered by many others; such as, Nigeria, Chad, the Central African Republic, republic of Congo, and Gabon. Cameroon is 475,442 square kilometers and that makes it the 53rd largest country. The national football team of Cameroon is famous, making Cameroon a hotspot for vacation visits. The GDP of Cameroon rises at an average of 4% every year.

This country is called ‘Africa in miniature’ for it exhibits all the major climatic conditions and vegetation of the continent- coast, desert, rainforest, mountains and savanna. Cameroon is a home to over 200 linguistic groups. Known for its native music styles such as makossa and bikutsi, Cameroon is a place you would definitely want to pay a visit.

However, along with its positive parts, it also has shortcomings. The education system in Cameroon is not the best and faces corruption as most other countries. Crime and diseases are also huge problems across the country. All Cameroon needs is some foreign volunteerism. You can get a chance to volunteer in many fields in Cameroon and help the Cameroonians have a better future.

Working with orphanages

There are many children in Cameroon abandoned. They seem to have no relatives but they originally belong to the neighboring countries. Several NGOs and churches there try to provide help and shelter to such children. Volunteers can help these children with homework or teach languages; such as, French, English, German or even computer skills.

Working with rehabilitation center

These centers take care of children with special needs and provide all the possible help. As a volunteer, you have to take care of the children and teach them things according to their needs. You get to observe the skills of the children and bring joy in their life by appreciating them.

School teaching

There are many school teaching projects in Cameroon where volunteers work in kindergartens, primary schools or teach foreign languages; namely, French and German. Volunteers even get to teach computer skills and organize free time activities like games, sports, arts, and music.

HIV/ Aids projects

Volunteers can select any specific time to visit Cameroon for volunteering. Generally it is ideal to reach a couple of days in advance before the work starts; in order to, get familiar with the areas and locals. The people of Cameroon are very welcoming and also show gratitude and respect for the work you contribute.
As you help the country with valuable volunteering, you also get to know more about a country that has a wide geographical and cultural diversity. In addition, you get to know many people originating from various backgrounds.

You can apply to A Broader View, a non-profit organization who arranges travel and stay accommodations for volunteers. Volunteering makes you a better person and if you really wish to help someone who is in need, Cameroon is a good option.