Volunteer work is satisfying to the volunteer and necessary to the wellbeing of so many underprivileged individuals. Volunteering abroad is an incredibly unique opportunity to team together with A Broader View, a non profit charity organization that sends volunteers overseas.

When you volunteer with this non profit corporation, you are given the chance to help make a difference. Organizations like ABV depend on the willingness and service of contributors to make the amazing things they do possible. When you take advantage of this volunteering opportunity you can help bring hope to children and families around the world.

This unique charity organization runs social and conservation programs in 20 countries, including those in Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. Volunteers have multiple opportunities to donate their time and efforts to one of 17 different programs. No matter what your skills or strengths may be, this organization will place you in an area where you can serve to the best of your abilities. Any effort you are willing to give is needed and appreciated.

If you know how to work with computers, have a knack for repairing cars, or are known among friends and family as a seamstress extraordinaire, you can be a part of the vocational training program. Your hobby could help teach important skills to the poor young adults abroad. This enables them to make an honest living and provide for their families.

The thing that keeps many from pursuing one of these volunteering opportunities is the misconception that they have nothing to give. Doctors can provide help with ABV’s Medical Healthcare program, teachers can assist in the Education program, and high school gym teachers can give their services in the Youth Sports program. But the average person with no special training gives into the lie that he has nothing to offer.

If this is the only thing standing in your way, you couldn’t be more wrong. Do you have time? That is precisely what the children in the Street Kids program crave. Do you have love? The Child Care Centers need you. Do you have muscle? The Community Development program has plenty of hard work that needs to get done. Whether you are painting schools or promoting animal rights in the Amazon, there is a wide variety of opportunities for service with ABV.

Should you choose to take the dive, you will no doubt find that volunteering abroad is a life-changing experience unparalleled by anything you could do locally. The charity program you will be a part of overseas will work with you to bring healing and hope to the poorest of the poor. A Broader View’s non profit mission is to make a difference abroad but cannot do so without the help of individuals like you.