The Women’s support project in Nepal is fit for the kind of person who has a passion for travel, fascinated with meeting and interacting with new people and has the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of the less fortunate women, by serving them. If this describes you, then the women?s support project in Nepal is a great way for you to have fun and learn. Embark on a journey full adventure and at the same time gain an opportunity for learning, life-changing experiences and personal growth.

A Broader View, the non-profit organization is continuously working to ensure the welfare of women in Nepal. Based on recent studies and statistics, women and children are the most deprived and vulnerable group in Nepal. Due to this fact, concerns were raised that led to the establishment of several women?s support projects in Nepal by A Broader View.

Numerous citizens reside in Nepal and the population continues to grow each year. This country is famous for its breathtaking tourist destination spots and mild tropical climate. Nepal lies between China and India. These are some of the wonderful things about Nepal, which needs further development for the country to reach its full potentials.

The primary social and economical factors women face now are social discrimination, poverty and unemployment. Moreover, Females do not have the opportunity to attain an education because gender difference reigns and therefore, the illiteracy rate amongst women are very high.

This entire nation is viewed as a picture of a nation in crisis. To further elaborate, in Nepal, women make up a vast majority of the total population and are also victims of all kinds of threats. That is why A Broader View established their presence and provides support to several other countries. A Broader View also tries to work in conjunction with the locals and establish more women?s support activities in Nepal.

A Broader View works as a community-based group and tries to provide the women with training of new skills, through the use of mobile technology and helps teach women basic computer skills. The organization offers training opportunities and immediate assistance for women to learn, develop, and sustain a good life and enjoy their rights.

You can help A Broader View continue these activities and even expand. Volunteers will assist the under-privileged women of Nepal, through advocating, training and providing any emotional support. This voluntary program also is a great opportunity for you to meet new faces and learn about Nepal?s new culture. However, the greatest thing you can get from this program is the joy of bringing light and hope into these women’s lives.

A Broader View is solely based on charity and targets the poorest and most underdeveloped countries, throughout the world. For further details visits and help make a change.