A Special Thanks – Part I

Volunteer Jocelyn Maturo will be returning to Belize this month to volunteer at the children’s home. Jocelyn and her mother Gloria first visited this project in June 2013.

After making a strong connection with the children, Jocelyn decided to return to the orphanage, by herself, and will be volunteering for 2 weeks.


Jocelyn raised over $4,200 for her upcoming trip so that she can bring Christmas to the children at the project.  This past summer Jocelyn made and sold bracelets at the camp at which she worked, raising $500.  Then she made a video which she posted on “GoFundMe” where she raised over $3,700.  Here is the link below http://www.gofundme.com/45y8gw

Thank you Jocelyn for making s

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