The beauty of a country not only depends on its resorts, infrastructure and its physical appearance, but also on the history, rich culture, and amazing inhabitants.  A Broader View Volunteers speak repetitively about the beauty which Ecuador possesses. In fact, the volunteers see right through the country’s lavish facade and at the end of the experience understand that its inhabitants need more than just tourism, but rather love and support.

A Broader View works with the volunteers at helping the people of Ecuador.  The beauty of becoming a volunteer is the ability to encourage others and change even your perspective in life.  In fact, the experience will open up your eyes to see how poor life is for the residents, especially in some of the most disaster stricken areas.  A lot of the volunteers who finally returns home to their motherland become a changed person.  Their testimonies are highly positive and entice others to think about volunteering abroad.

The non-profit organization tries to reveal how the locals attempt at surviving every day.  Volunteers are encouraged to leave electronic gadgets behind because these are useless in certain areas out of the network’s coverage. Additionally, without the gadgets, you might appreciate life at a different level.

Even though Ecuador possesses a challenge to volunteers seeing the hardship of the local’s lifestyle, they also get the chance to experience the bountiful elegance of the country.  These volunteers wake up to an amazing sunrise and sleep under very bright stars.

Volunteers sacrifice their vacation leave to teach children in some of the most poorly educated areas.  Due to unfortunate situations beyond the parents’ control, the children lack quality education. Here are certain reasons:

  • Schools are very far from their area of residence.
  • No monetary capacity to pay for books, uniforms and tuition fees.
  • Lack of teachers.

On the other side of Ecuador, you can help preserve the wildlife. Many young and feeble animals need a strong supportive hand. When the animals receive support, nature and beauty fortifies. During the stay, you can encourage other volunteers to avoid hunting and start preserving their lives. A Broader View gives their volunteers the chance to help fight against illegal hunters and save the orphaned animals.

Through volunteerism get the chance to help someone less fortunate, which is a magnificent humanitarian approach. Especially when during their vacation leave, several other plans on the agenda, is no longer a priority and volunteering is the focus.  Aside from spending your time in a beautiful country with thrilling views, you also get to learn more out of life and have a greater appreciation.  Becoming a volunteer changes lives and it is the most rewarding experience that you will never forget.  This organization ensures volunteers leave with a different view on Life and provide a positive outlook about other countries around the globe.