5 Best Places to Volunteer Abroad as a Nurse

Sadly, there are too many communities around the world in need of healthcare support and a few of them are desperate for the medical expertise that the modern world can offer.  Some nations are actually struggling to keep their populations in basic good health. Most of these distressed countries gratefully long for any support they can get when it comes to the health of their citizens. (more…)

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Benefits of Humanitarian Airfares

Breaking NEWS!!!: Delta, KLM and Air France have released a new Humanitarian Airfare contract. There are many new benefits to this including the ability to check 3 bags for FREE! Read about other benefits of booking your Humanitarian rate. Benefits of Humanitarian Fares on Delta 3 FREE BAGS GLOBALLY One-way, Read more…

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Discounted Airfare for ABV Volunteers

A Broader View Volunteers just made an alliance with StudentUniverse to offer Students (18 to 30y/o) discount airfare fares abroad, tours discounts and more. You’ve successfully finished college and now you’re forced to face “the real world”… yikes. Have no fear! Just because you’re not a student anymore doesn’t mean Read more…

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Join A Broader View Volunteers

Join A Broader View Volunteers Friday November 09th 2012 at Philadelphia Geographical Society  GEOFEST 2012. Come see the documentary “Opening our Eyes”, join a reception before the event and meet A Broader View staff to talk about worldwide volunteer opportunities more info:

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How My Volunteer Work Changed Me

ACQUIRING A BROADER VIEW HOW MY VOLUNTEER WORK IN CHILE CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER By Brittany Belkiewitz Ever since my days of playing house and lugging around a pink, plastic suitcase, I have dreamed of traversing the globe. Jules Vernes classic novel Around the World in Eighty Days captured my Read more…

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