Over the last 8 years A Broader View Volunteers has sent over 5000 volunteers to our 5 countries in Central and South america where we offer programs for premed, Prenurse and EMT students that range from 1 week up to 12 weeks, all this locations will offer our volunteers the learning opportunities see first hand the local health care system and immerse themselves in all aspects of a daily healthcare life in a new country.

Our main health care missions are in Honduras, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Peru and Ecuador, each location has its own interest, some are at the beach others in the mountains, hot weather or mild temperatures. All these locations offer Medical Spanish Lessons from 1 to 4 weeks and if you are interested in more lessons you can pay locally for the extra hours. We offer in all these countries host family accommodations (middle-high class with western facilities). You can red more of the reviews of each country at our Review page: https://www.abroaderview.org/feedbacks


Pic: Machu Picchu, Peru 2016 (ABV rights)

Almost all our volunteers have a life changing experience while doing a health care mission in any of these countries and they even repeat each year the experience in the same country or they choose a new opportunity abroad as we have over 25 countries where to choose a medical/nurse outreach brigade.

Honduras Premed/Nurse/dental Program:

We offer a hospital, a clinic and a rescue center where our volunteers can split their time between programs, at the hospital you can rotate in the ER, surgery, maternity, pharmacy and other areas of the clinic and hospital, and at the rescue center you can work side by side with the ambulance and fire station in rescues, large events, and outreach in rural areas providing vaccinations and getting medical history for these patients. Read more at: https://www.abroaderview.org/programs/premedical-predental-prenurse/honduras-pre-medical-pre-nursing

Guatemala Premedical, Nurse and EMT opportunities:

At this location Quetzaltenango or Xela, we offer a program that has a strong path for physiotherapy,  occupational therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy and special education to children and adults. You can volunteers from 1 week up to 12 weeks and also included the Spanish Immersion lessons. You can combine this program with the rescue program as well. To read more: https://www.abroaderview.org/programs/premedical-predental-prenurse/guatemala-pre-medical-therapy-xela

Costa Rica, Escazu and San Jose Premed Programs:

Escazu: Pre-medical volunteers have the opportunity to assist the nursing staff with non-evasive procedures, shadow during examinations, and learn about treating long term chronic illnesses in children. Your role will vary providing care, feeding, interaction with the children, as well collaborating with the staff and teachers on their daily activities.
San Jose: The Hospital takes care of children and the main focus is that the volunteers help by taken part in any assigned project the doctors need, teach children school lessons math, science, language therapy , feed babies and help with no invasive tasks. Spanish lessons available for these program while in country. Read more at:  https://www.abroaderview.org/programs/premedical-predental-prenurse/costa-rica-escazu-pre-medical-program

Peru Cusco: Premed/nurse Opportunities

In Cusco Peru we offer many options in different clinics and hospital around Cusco. Each healthcare center offers different opportunities for our volunteers, we will customize the program for each volunteer, the programs run year round and you can choose when to arrive. This program also runs from 1 week up to 12 weeks. Surroundings of Cusco, Inca Trail, Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu are areas that you can’t miss visiting. Premedical opportunities:

All our volunteers will get a Diploma after they finished the volunteer experience and we offer a letter of service. Many volunteers ask us if they can se this experience for credits and yes you can do this, just contact your college or university and let them know how to contact us.

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