Volunteer abroad Opportunities in Peru Cusco – Arequipa – Ayacucho

Individuals, high school groups, colleges, faith communities, clubs and families have volunteered with A Broader View Volunteers in Peru.  Volunteers are the driving force of our non-profit charity, and we offer flexible, customized, international mission trips throughout Peru.   Volunteer programs include language & cultural immersion classes, medical and nursing project, pre-medical and pre-nursing, rehabilitation & elderly support, teaching English and child care/orphanage support work.   Flexible start and ends dates.  Program range from 1 week to 3 months in length.  Join us and see a broader view of the world!

Healthcare Programs

Although Peru has made immense strides towards improving health care over the last 20 years, over 1/3 of the population still lack access to basic health care services.   In Cusco, Ayacucho and Arequipa Peru volunteers give support to public hospital which provides free health care to the uninsured population, including the elderly.  There are opportunities to administer care and support therapy to special needs children and adults, shadow local doctors on rounds, giving oral vaccinations and working with the elderly care programs.


Aspiring health care professionals, undergraduate’s internships, and shadow observation learning projects available in Cusco Peru.   Volunteer in a community clinic, in an elderly care center, providing physical therapy support, as well as community outreach projects.

What our volunteers have to say:

“My time in Cusco with ABV has been excellent. The city and culture are amazing, and the work has been very educational.  I learned how basic health services are provided to the poor and how alternative medicine is integrated into their care. The nurses and doctors at the clinic were so friendly and helpful, and that just made the whole experience that much better. They really do appreciate that we came here to help” –  Eytan Palte. Atlanta GA

“I could not have asked for a better experience this past month in Peru….I made connections and friendships that will last a life time as well as learned the way of an amazing and wonderful community of people. I enjoyed my work I did at the clinic as a nurse and learned how to be a nurse here in Peru and helped where ever I could. I came to Peru to volunteer and help the people of Cusco and I did that. I will never forget my time here” – Veronica Bruehert Olathe, KS


Teaching Programs

Most of our volunteer teachers are currently still in school and seeking the opportunity to gain critical classroom experience. Work with a local teacher and be inspired as you watch them lead lessons, provide one on one instruction and navigate a classroom setting.   Less experienced volunteers work in a kindergarten with children under 6years old.  Experienced teachers have the option of working in a primary school setting, or as a tutor role in a non-classroom setting.


What our volunteers have to say:

Overall, my experience was life changing. I volunteered through ABV mainly because I wanted to help and contribute to the community. At the same time, I needed experience in teaching in a foreign country to complete my ESL teaching certificate. I’ve learned so much from the two weeks I’ve been here. It’s been a pleasure working with the little kids, my Spanish teachers, and my host mom”Vanessa Cedano Mountlake Terrace, WA

“ I really did enjoy seeing the kids learn things such as my common phrases lesson, because they would use those phrases with me almost every day.  I really loved seeing the light bulb go of in the kids’ heads when I would teach them something a little more complicated” – Cameron White Monticello, IA

Orphanage/Child Support Programs

Institutional living, especially long term, can have a negative impact on children.  In many cases, children living in orphanages have a living parent who is unable to afford to care for the child.  International volunteers introduce new ideas, new languages and a different outlook to children in an orphanage.  Our volunteers know their service alone will not change the life outcome of these children, but by supporting them they help them to be independent and productive citizens and hopefully break out of the cycles of poverty.  Much focus is spent on teaching the children vocational training and strong education.


What our volunteers have to say:

 “Seeing how happy and cheerful the girls in the orphanage were, some even my exact age, amazed me.  I was able to help in all different kinds of places like a ceramics class and the kitchen. The girls at the orphanage are truly inspiring and the reason I traveled all this way. I can’t begin to express how much they impacted me”Elle Werberling Bakersfield, CA

This was the first time I have done anything like this and at 37 I feel like I am way overdue.  This is something that every person should do in my opinion right out of high school or right after college or at any stage of life really.  What an amazing opportunity to combine visiting a new location seeing the sites of a new city with giving back to others…I volunteered at an all girls orphanage ages from 11 to 17.   This opportunity ignited a spark in me to seek out other young women who are in need of love and guidance and counsel in my own city as well as in Cusco and other places across the world…. This trip has changed me for the better, to do better, to be better and help empower others to also be betterPatricia Martinez Seattle, WA

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