Why volunteer in Peru Cusco with Abroaderview as an Internship or Gap year?

Why volunteer in Peru? Whether you’re choosing to stay one week or 12 weeks, you can spend the weekend(s) exploring the locale and getting to know the culture. Our goal is to provide a unique opportunity for our volunteers to create an experience that enhances their lives forever. By allowing you to explore and choose your own program, we hope to make that a reality. (more…)

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Volunteer abroad Opportunities in Peru Cusco – Arequipa – Ayacucho

Volunteer abroad Opportunities in Peru Cusco - Arequipa - Ayacucho Individuals, high school groups, colleges, faith communities, clubs and families have volunteered with A Broader View Volunteers in Peru.  Volunteers are the driving force of our non-profit charity, and we offer flexible, customized, international mission trips throughout Peru.   Volunteer programs include language & cultural immersion classes, medical and nursing project, pre-medical and pre-nursing, rehabilitation & elderly support, teaching English and child care/orphanage support work.   Flexible start and ends dates.  Program range from 1 week to 3 months in length.  Join us and see a broader view of the world! (more…)

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Join A Broader View Volunteers

Join A Broader View Volunteers Friday November 09th 2012 at Philadelphia Geographical Society  GEOFEST 2012. Come see the documentary “Opening our Eyes”, join a reception before the event and meet A Broader View staff to talk about worldwide volunteer opportunities more info:

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Animal Rescue Mission in Peru Amazon-Cusco

Peru is a Spanish speaking country, situated in the South American region. Other countries that share geographical location are Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile. Peru provides outstanding tourism and attractions, which keeps visitors coming back annually. Although this country offers beautiful scenery and spectacular landscapes, there is an aspect Read more…

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