Volunteer Nepal Our welfare programs in Kathmandu give you the chance to volunteer in a community clinic or rural village with at risk youth, toddlers and babies. We have extensive experience of managing welfare projects in Nepal for students, travelers, families, honeymooners and retirees, and provide the opportunity for 100% cultural immersion in addition to the chance to make a real difference.

Volunteer in Nepal Kathmandu

Ancient temple ruins. Cows walking down the street. Buddhist monks shrouded in orange robes. Landing in Nepal is like entering a different world – one that dazzles, captivates and leaves you wanting more.

Home to eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, Nepal is a haven for hikers, bikers and adventure seekers, who can climb, raft and bungee jump through some of the world’s most dramatic landscapes. South of the mountains is a string of national parks, where tigers, rhinos and exotic birds dwell in the dense jungle.

Now, imagine not only being immersed in this mystical, exotic world – but also making a difference to the people who live there.

Social welfare and medical volunteer Nepal programs

With an unemployment rate of 50% and many people living on less than US$1000 a year, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Of the country’s 27 million inhabitants, almost half of them are under 18 years old – many of whom are orphaned, homeless and living on the streets.

Our welfare programs in Nepal Kathmandu give you the chance to volunteer in a community clinic or rural village with at risk youth, toddlers and babies. We have extensive experience of managing welfare projects in Nepal for students, travelers, families, honeymooners and retirees, and provide the opportunity for 100% cultural immersion in addition to the chance to make a real difference.

So, what’s on offer?



Pre-Med Students

With a focus on universal health care and the chance to observe surgery, this program is suitable for undergraduates studying science and considering a career in medicine. Providing hands-on assistance to the local medical staff, you will rotate through departments at a busy orthopedic hospital in Kathmandu.



Nursing and Pre-Nurse

Recommended for trained medical and nursing professionals, as well as student nurses, PA students and medical students, volunteers on this program will learn firsthand the reality of the medical challenges in a developing country. You will be based in a community hospital dedicated to providing quality health services to poor, destitute and under-served people in Kathmandu and may have the chance to observe surgery.

Pre-Dental Students

This program gives dental  students  the  opportunity  to enhance their knowledge by shadowing local dentists and observing  a  variety  of  dental  procedures.  You will be based  in  a  large  dental  hospital  in  Kathmandu  which  focuses  services  on   the  poor, marginalized  and  destitute  people  of  the  community.



Dental Professionals and Students

Trained professionals volunteering in Nepal, dental students and qualified dental hygienists are welcome to apply for this program, where you will work under the supervision of local registered dentists to provide services and treatment in a poor and marginalized community.

Volunteers will also participate in community outreach, visiting local schools, orphanages and monasteries  to  promote  oral  health  and  hygiene  practices  and  pass out  donations.  

HIV/AIDS Children’s Home

Volunteers on this program will provide care and education to children infected with the HIV virus or who have been directly affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. There are currently thirty children and five women residing at the home, which provides food, medical check-ups, psychosocial support and a stigma free environment.

Your role will include: teaching in the primary school, caring for the children, supporting outreach projects and helping with project donor proposals.

Children and Women’s Hospital

Volunteers with medical / nursing training (two year onward) are welcome to join this gap year nepal project, where you will rotate through different departments at a Children and Women’s hospital. Volunteers may have the chance to scrub in and observe various surgeries, the most common being pediatric surgery, from newborns to eighteen year olds.

Volunteering in Nepal

Disabled Care Center

Your role is to care for physically disabled children who come from poor families that cannot support them. Most of the forty children at the centre are between ten and twelve years old. Volunteer duties include helping the children with daily activities, getting them ready for school classes, implementing activities (which may include music, speech and art therapy), playing with them, homework assistance and helping to improve their English language skills.

Elderly Care Nepal Kathmandu

Promoting the wellbeing of senior citizens and encouraging engagement in a range of activities is a primary aim for this center, where volunteers will help with daily routines (which may include physiotherapy), participate in activities, check blood pressure, hand out medication, help with hospital visits and support local programs related to aging. The center recently extended a special ward to provide care services in Alzheimer’s.



Nepal Orphanage

With such a high mortality rate in Nepal, many children become orphaned and end up on the streets. Desperately in need of love and care, your role will be to help create a better future for the eleven children (aged between five and sixteen) who call the orphanage home. You will be volunteering around school hours, or you can split this project with a teaching program.

Teaching (schools)

Volunteers will have the opportunity to teach young children, support staff and learn about the educational challenges in a developing country at a local primary school in Kathmandu. Your role may involve: teaching English, lesson planning (English, Maths, Health), developing student manuals, conducting workshops and raising awareness about health and social issues.

No prior experience necessary, however volunteers should have excellent English and be caring, patient and dedicated.

Teaching (monks/nuns)

With better living conditions and a higher quality of education, the young monks and nuns at the monastery were sent here by poor families unable to support their needs. Ranging from four to eighteen years old, their level of English is low compared to other schoolchildren, which is where you step in. Working under the supervision of a monastery teacher or administrator, you will have the opportunity to teach English to young monks and nuns.

Community Development

Rocked by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake in 2015, Nepal is in need of major renovation and reconstruction works. This is a wonderful social cause which will require some physical labor, such as mixing cement, digging holes, carrying equipment, reconstructing homes, painting and repairing. You may also be involved in planting trees or with an initiative that creates hygiene awareness amongst children.

Women Empowerment / Agriculture

In a patriarchal society where domestic abuse is rampant, widows are branded as witches and victims of the sex trade are shunned by their families, finding opportunities in Nepal remains difficult for women, particularly because many are illiterate and dependent on their husbands for money.

This program is designed to promote the importance of education amongst women, both young and old, and provide training which can be turned into income-generating life skills. You will promote women’s rights within the community and promote skills such as tailoring, handicrafts and sustainable farming techniques.

Animal Rescue Center

With close to 25,000 dogs living in poor conditions and suffering from starvation and disease on the streets of Kathmandu, and over 200 human deaths caused by contact with rabid dogs, you will spend your time at an animal center which has been rescuing and sheltering stray dogs for over ten years. There will be a focus on three major programs – animal birth control, rabies vaccination and public awareness. This program would be suitable for animal lovers or Pre-Vet students.

Nepali Language Immersion

Nepal is a melting pot of 123 different languages, but the country’s official language is Nepali. You will learn the local language from a native speaker in a one-on-one setting for approximately four hours a day (20 hours a week of lessons and 20 hours a week of volunteering). Lessons may also include outings and interaction with the local community. The Immersion program is vital for those who wish to volunteer in schools, hospitals, the orphanage or the monastery.


Fees range from US$890 for one week up to US$2430 for 12 weeks.

Program fees include airport transportation, orientation, housing, meals and round the clock in-country support.

Please note that Pre-Medical and Medical programs require volunteers to pay monthly administrative fees of US$100 on top of the program fee, which is collected during the final payment.

Language immersion classes in Nepal Kathmandu range from US$1050 for one week to US$1950 for four weeks.

See the full list of fees here: https://www.abroaderview.org/cost-and-fees.

How to apply

Have you spotted your perfect volunteer program? Applying is easy – simply choose the dates you wish to travel, complete an online application and, when your application has been accepted, confirm your registration with a US$120 fee (included in the overall cost). For more information on how to apply, visit this link: https://volunteers.abroaderview.org/register.

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