Childcare Volunteer Programs Abroad

Childcare Volunteer Programs, If you’re seeking a unique overseas travel opportunity with a focus on positive social change, look no further! We provide the chance to immerse yourself in volunteer work abroad with people and animals in disadvantaged communities all over the world – and today we’re putting childcare volunteer opportunities in the spotlight. (more…)


Summer 2018 Volunteer Abroad Ideas

Summer 2018 Volunteer Abroad Ideas. How do you plan to spend your summer? Looking for a family volunteering project or group adventure abroad? Why not combine your summer vacation with a volunteer project that lets you explore a new culture, participate in a community-based project and perhaps learn a new language? (more…)


Volunteer vacations abroad: calling all families, seniors and solo travelers!

Volunteer vacations are an alternative way to see the world, and a rewarding experience for you and the community that benefits from your skills and experience. Our volunteer trips are open to everyone including families, seniors, and solo travelers, and there are 245 programs in 25 destinations across South America, Central America, Africa and Asia to choose from!