This was my first time volunteering abroad and I was reluctant to leave my two young children and husband behind. As a nurse, I felt it was something I had to do because I knew just how much help was needed in Africa, and so, the decision was made.  Upon speaking with Sarah at A Broader View Volunteers, I began feeling a lot more comfortable and reassured, and after all the conversations and questions, I definitely knew I wasn’t making a mistake.  Sarah was very detailed and responded in a timely manner ALWAYS with any questions or concerns I had!  Upon arrival to Africa we were greeted by the most kindest people you could ever meet. The guides that worked in conjunction with a Broader view were always available to fulfill our every need.  Even if were something as simple as taking a walk to the store, you were assured that someone would always be there for you.

Through out this journey, I have made many friends, and have helped numerous people. Our time in Africa was at a local hospital in Arusha as well as two local orphanages and all were so very grateful for our presence. We were welcomed with open arms by all staff that we had the honor of meeting and were able to assist in many medical procedures that became available within the hospital. The experience at the orphanages was terribly sad however having been able to spend some quality time with the children and listening to their heartfelt stories, as a nurse, I was able to leave knowing that I have helped in some way, even if it were for a little while.

If you have any doubt, your human, but you will be embarking on a journey of a lifetime and the reward of those you help will forever change the feeling in your hearts. I would do it again and wish I could tomorrow, with no hesitation. Next time around will definitely with my children and husband and definitely through a broader view. There are no hidden messages and Sarah give it to you like it is and is a woman that you could absolutely trust and respect. It was a wonderful learning experience and Africa made me realize more of the Nurse I wish to be.  My vision and horizons were broadened by the wonderful people and patients I had the honor of meeting.

Alexandra Plevritis, RN
ABV Volunteer in Arusha

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